About Julie


I use a holistic approach

to health and wellness. 

We will work on:

Digestive wellness

Meal planning

Diet and Detoxification

Elimination diets

Life Coaching

My Story


I'm Clinical Social Worker,  I earned a Master's Degree in Human Services and Policy from Audrey Cohen and I earned my Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work from Fordham University. My most recent accomplishment was the completion of my Holistic Health Coaching Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. My work experience comes from over 22 years of working in the field of trauma with individuals affected by histories of abuse and neglect.  I served as a Program Director for over 18 years and was responsible for the outcomes and implementation of a number of programs geared to helping children and their families.  My life spiritual background has taught me the gift of combining both of my professionalize and spritualjourney to help others.


Today, I'm dedicated to working with individuals to help them heal from the inside out. There's an enormous connection between our experiences and resilience.  It's my goal to work with individuals by helping  them heal  through a better understanding  of their  spirituality, health, and wellness. 

It's my personal passion to help you become a better and healthier you. I would be honored to walk with you in this journey.  If there is something I have learned, is that we all need a little  assistance in this journey. Through a selective process, we will discover what works for you, and how to use this relationship to heal your body.

260 Kinderkamack Rd

Westwood, New Jersey 07675

Tel. 201-290-9017

For Riverdale, NY  appointments call

Cell: 646-801-0991

Email: Julie.enduranceclinic@gmail.com

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